Cheese Pizza Recipe


yeast – ¼ t.sp

Sugar – ¼ t.sp

White flour – 1 ½ cup

Salt – to taste

Cheese – grated 1 cup

Butter – 1 tb spoon

Milk – 1 cup

Bred cream – ½ cup

For the toping

Onion – 1 large chopped

Butter – 1 tb spoon

Red big tomato – 4 pc cut in pcs

Salt to taste

Capsicum – 2 pc cut length wise

Green chillies – 2 very fine

Amul cheese – ½ cup grated

Mashroom – 1 packed wash and ccut fine slices

Paneer – 200 gm cut in ¼ cubes

For topping

  1. cut tomatoes and fry onion in butter 1 min
  2. Add tomatoes until brown and hick add salt a pepper
  3. Mix half quantity of cheese


  1. Soak yeast in a little sugar and warm water cover and allow to rise in a warm place for 15 min
  2. In a deep bowl mix flour salt and the remaining cheese and butter mix together well thick finger tops
  3. Add yeast mixture, milk and water to make dough, cover with the net cloth and keep it in the warmth to rise for two hours
  4. Till dough ball rise to more than double to its size

Grees a baking sheet and spread bread crumbs. Lightly kneed the dough and roll into a thick round disc.

Place it on the baking sheet for another ½ an hour to rise, after topping bake for 10-20 min

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