Rainbow sandwich recipe


Carrots – 3 grated

Potatoes – ½ kg boiled

Bread – 1

Tomato sauce – 1 cup

Amul butter – 100gm

Red chilly powder – ¼ tea spoon

Cheese – 250gm grated

Cabbage – 2 cup grated

(Besan two cup put ½ t.sp salt ¼ t.s.p  red chilly powder Baking powder 1 pinch better for pakkorra’s with water)



  1. Cook grated carrots and cabbage with little salt on high flame
  2. Till water dries in one t.sp butter cook onion one min and mix paneer a little salt and ¼ t.sp black pepper
  3. Mix potatoes with half cup coriander leaves salt and ¼ tea sp red chilly powder

For Green Chutney


One cup mint leaves cleaned and washed one small onion

½ cup coriander leaves washed

1 tb sp. Sugar

½ tea spoon salt

1 green chilly

1 te.sp amchoor ( dried manogo powder)

Mix all things churn mixy your chutney is ready



  1. Take one pc of bread apply potatoes
  2. Second pc apply cabbage and carrots
  3. Third P.C apply cabbage and carrot
  4. On fourth pc apply onion paneer
  5. Fill pc apply tomatoes sauce
  6. Last pc apply yellow amul butter keep, cover all slices with this slice dip this in besan batter, fry in oil till lightly brown
  7. Before serving cut pcs like this

Try to take big size bread.

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