For 8 person


White chanas – soaked and boiled

Salt – to taste

Onion – 2 medium size (fine cut)

Ginger – 2 pc (fine cut)

Tomatoes – 2 medium pc (fine cut)

Chana masala – 2 tea sp

Kitchen king – 2 tea sp

Garam masala – 2 tea sp

Black pepper – ½ tea sp

Moti dal chini – 1 pc

Cinema dal chini – 1 small pc

Coriander seeds – 1 tea sp

Dried mango powder – 1 tea sp

Sugar – ½ tea sp



1st step

  • Heat ghee stir coriander seeds and moti ilachi, dal chini
  • Now put grounded masala fry till light brown
  • Add salt and red chilly powder
  • Put chanas and one glass of water steam for some add sugar and mango powder

For Tadka

2nd step

  • Cut one onion fine length wise
  • Cut one tomato fine small cubes
  • Ginger 1”pc cut length wise
  • Fry onion till light brown add tomato
  • Add 1 pinch of all masala we used before add already cooked Chana and ginger
  • Cover and cook for another fine mix.

3rd step

  • Boiled potato ( cut into 2 pcs
  • Heat oil 1tea spoon and ½ tea spoon jeera, 1 pinch salt ¼ sp of amchoor and ¼ tea sp of haldi powder or yellow color

For Garnishing

Hara Dhania – 1 cup cut fine

Onion – ½ cut into cubes

Tomato – ½ cut into cubs

Paneer – 2” pc cut into cubes

Put ready Chana in serving dish garnish all things and keep ready yellow potatoes in center


For Bhaturas


Plain flour maida – 2 glass

Curd – ½ kg

Potatoes – 3 boiled and grated fine (like soft paste no smallest lumps should remain)

Sodium bicarbonate – ¼ tea spoon



  • Sieve Maida along with sodium bicarbonate twice
  • Mix potatoes and kneed tight with the help of curd cover it with dried napkin
  • In water keep it for 7 to 8 hours at room temp
  • In summers keep 3-4 hours at room temp than in fridge if dough loosens
  • You can add more plain flour before cooking
  • Heat oil roll like poories and fry light brown ( roll thickness than poorie ( and fry till golden brown)

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