Cabbage (pata gobhi) – 1 full clean its

Wash whole leave properly

Carrot – 1 cut into medium pc

French leaves – 2 tb sp cut length wise

Peas shelled – ½ cup

Potatoes – 2 pc big pcs

Boiled potatoes – 2 pc

Paneer – 250 gm cut (length wise big pcs)

Onion – 2 big cubes

Noodles – ¼ packed

Get ready with the noodles recipe you can take readymade also

Pine apple – 2 big pcs cut into cubes wash



  • Boil carrots, French leaves and peas in salty water for 3-4 min strain them
  • Fry potatoes till light brown
  • Fry paneer light brown
  • Mash boiled potatoes mix ¼ tea sp of corn flour, one pinch salt, one pinch red chilly powder and one pinch powder mix well
  • Shape like tikkies roast all sides on nonstick pan Appling some oil
  • Get ready noodles
  • Fry onion on high flame till light brown


For Sauce


Water – 3 cups

Corn flour – 2 T sp mixed In half cup water

Tomato sauce – 1 ½ cup

Vinegar or lime juice – 1 tea sp

Sugar – 1 tb sp

Soya sauce – 1 tea sp

Ajino moto – 1 tea sp

Salt & black pepper – to taste

Onion – 2 cut fine



  • In one table spoon oil fry onion till light brown
  • Add water all sauces, salt and corn flour keep stirring cook 2 min
  • In the last mix vinegar
  • Switch off the fire
  • Keep 2 tb spoon butter in freezer for one min

How to prepare sizzler dish

  • If you don’t have dish put it on nonstick tawa should be placed on some wooden log
  • First heat the sizzler dish till red. Switch off the fire
  • Spread cabbage leaves on sizzler dish
  • From sauce take 1 ½ tb sp sauce in separate pan, mix boiled vegetables and put it on sizzler dish one side
  • Now put ready noodles
  • Take 1 ½ tb sp sauce again mix fried potatoes and put on one side of sizzler dish
  • Cut pineapple till pcs wash under water mix in ½ tb sauce put them on sizzler dish
  • Now add fried paneer and add mix in ½ tea sp sauce over it put them on sizzler dish
  • In the center of the dish put tikki pour ½ tea sp sauce over it
  • Take one tender tomato cut 4 pcs put some sauce in peel the center & keep it along with tikki.
  • Again on the fire let it hot till red
  • Put cold butter on all sides of sizzler dish
  • Or you can pour wine on all sides
  • You see it will catch fire and starts sizzling

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