Sujji – 1 cup

Curd – 1 cup

Salt – 1 tea sp levelled

Inno salt – 1 tea sp levelled



  • Mix sujji, curd and salt make batter like pakoras keep for 10 min
  • In idli maker put one glass of water and keep on fire
  • Apply ¼ tea sp oil on idli tend
  • Now add inno salt in idli batter mix for one min
  • Put one table sp in each stand and steam for 1 min


  1. Masala Idli


If you want to make masala idli

While making idli you can add cashew nuts baby peas, finally cut carrots, finely cut spinach or one tea sp gram dal soaked


  1. Plain Idli with masala

In plain Idli you can put masala like this

Carrot – 1 cut fine length wise

Onion – 1 cut fine length wise

Capsicum – 1 cut fine length wise

Whole Rai – ½ tea spoon



  • In one tb sp oil first put rai
  • Then onion fry for two min on high flame
  • Add carrots fry for two min more in the last fry capsicum fry for one min
  • Add one pinch salt and ¼ tea sp red chilly
  • Mixed Idli cooked Idli



Onion – 2 cut into medium size cubes

Tomatoes – 6 cut into fine pcs

Capsicum – 1 cu into medium pcs

Rai – ¼ tea sp

Tomato SAUCE – 1 TB SP

Salt – to taste

Deggi Mirch – ¼ tea sp

Oil – for cooking


  • Heat one tea spoon oil, put rai than fry onion till little brown
  • Add tomatoes cook at least 10 min put capsicum fry ½ mix more now add salt pepper and sauce mix idlis
  • Stir for one min remove from fire
  • It’s ready to enjoy

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