For Sambhar


Arhar ki dal – 1 cup

Bottle Guard – 1 small grated

Vegetable – carrot, cauliflower, bottle guard (1 cup cut into small cubes)

Rai – sabut 2 tea sp

Kadhi patta -2 tea sp cut fine

M.D.H Sambhar masala – 2 tb sp

Turmrid – ¼ cup water thick pulp

Onion – 2 cut length wise

Tomatoes – 2 grated

Whole red chilly – 2

Salt, red chilly powder & haldi powder – to taste

Oil – 2 tb sp



  • 4 glass of water cook dal add salt, turmeric powder and grated bottle guard give 3-4 whistle
  • Take 2 tb oil in a pan roast rai & fry onion till brown add tomatoes fry again 4-5 min
  • Add all vegetable and salt masala fry again 4-5 min
  • Mix in dal cook for 4-5 again in the last mix turmrid water one boil, if needed you can add more water
  • Garnish with coriander leaves



Urd dal – ¼ cup sooked 6 to7 hours

Rice – ½ cup sooked 6 to 7 hours

Channa dal – one table sp

Salt – to taste

Oil for cooking



  • Grind urd dal, channa dal & rice separately till very fine with the help of water
  • Sieve through a trainer and mix three things
  • Add salt, the better should be looser than pakora’s better, a add salt and keep for to 4 hours in summers, in winter you can keep for overnight.
  • When you start making dosa heat tawa for one two min
  • Apply oil spread batter over it and let it spread equally and thin, let it roast
  • Apply one tea spoon more oil on sides of dosa, cook till golden.
  • Now it’s ready to eat
  • This is our plain Dosa

Filling for one Dosa


Ingredients Potatoes – 2 boiled and cut very fine

Onion- 1 cut medium cubes

Rai – ¼ tea sp

Whole red chilly – 1 pounded

Salt – to taste

Red chilly powder – 1 pinch, kitchen king ¼ tea sp

Oil – for cooking



  • Heat one sp oil fry Rai dana and fry onion till light brown
  • Now add potatoes chilly salt and kitchen king cook for 2 min
  • Fill in the center of Dosa

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