Ist step


Maida plain flour – 1 cup

Desi ghee – 1 tb sp

Salt – to taste

Oil for frying

Warm water for making dough

2 tea sp pure ghee melted and mixed with one tea sp plain flour



  • Heat ghee till melt and with mix plain flour rub with hands
  • Put salt and kneed the flour just like poorie dough with the help of water
  • Roll out thik chapatti, apply ghee over it
  • Turn it in layers like fan
  • Again make it round ball joining both ends
  • Now roll it again with light hands deep fry till golden


2nd step


Gram (chana dal) – 2 cups washed

Cumin seeds – ½ tea sp

Red chilly powder – ¼ tea sp

Oil – 2 tea sp

Salt – to taste



  • Heat oil put cumin seeds, salt, red chilly powder and gram dal, ½ cup water give only one whistle
  • Dry remaining water
  • For meethi chutney see recipe of challa papri chatt
  • We need 5 to 6 spoons of chutney

How to serve

  • First Lag Pakwan in a plate
  • Put for table spoons of cooked gram dal over it and garnish with two tea sp meethi chutney
  • Pakwan is ready to eat

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