Bread – 4 slices

Peas – 1 table spoon boiled mashed

Potatoes – 4 boiled and mashed

Corn – ½ tb sp boiled

Carrots – ½ pc cut very fine

Spinach – 1 cup cut very fine

Cottage cheese – 4 pc cut into small cubs

Cashew nuts – 5 to 6 pc crushed

Milk – ½ cup mix with one glass water

Rusk – 4 pc grated fine

Salt – to taste

Red chilly powder – to taste



  • Cook carrot and spinach till water dries mix peas, potatoes, corns, carrots, cashew nuts put salt and red chilly powder
  • Soak bread slices in water mixed with milk, squeeze with both hands, mix it with the above material
  • In the last mix cottage cheese
  • Give shape and roll in rusk powder
  • Fry light brown
  • Serve with tomato sauce

In you are serving as snacks

If you are serving in Breakfast

Give shape, serve with French fries and sauce

Sauce chips, salad

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