For 8 person

Imli – 2 cup

Sugar – 2 cup

Gur – 1 piece medium

Salt – 1 tea spoon

MDH Degi mirch – ¼ tea spoon

Roasted grounded jeera – ½ tea spoon



  • Mix all things accept jeera cook for 1 to 15 min. until the sugar Dissolves and it became thick
  • You can keep it for months in fridge

For Papri

Plain flour (Maida) – 1 cup

Salt – ¼ tea spoon

Ajwain – ¼ tea spoon


Ghee for fry

  • Mix all above things, kheed hard dough, make round balls.
  • Roll like chapatti but roll very fine (after rolling pricks with knife 2 cut into pieces
  • Dust a peats with maida to keep rolled papries
  • Heat oil fry papries light bron.( you can keep papries at least 15 days in air tight container

For Bhallas


Urd dal grinded – 250gm

Hing – ¼ tea sp

Baking powder – ¼ tea sp

Ginger – 2”pc cut very fine

Almonds – 10 pc break small pcs

Raisins – 10 to 15 pcs

Green chilly – 1 pcs (cut very fine)

Asfotedia Hing – ¼ tea sp soacked in ½ cup water



  • Put 2 tea spoon hing water in mix
  • Put grounded add sprinkle 2 tea spoon of hing water on dal
  • Now switch the mixy on ground for 3-4 seconds stop 2 again grid.( you can sprinkle more water if needed ( in between turn the dal with spoon)
  • Add sodium by carbonate dal will became as soft and smooth like butter.
  • Take this better out from grinder add ginger, almonds, green chilly raisins mix well
  • Spread a well napkin on the top of a glass with wet hands spread some dal on it
  • Remove and putin hot ghee already on fire
  • It should be thick. like poora
  • Fry light brown

How to make Curd


Sugar – 2 table sp to write

Curd – 1 ½ kg hanged

White channas – 1 cup boiled (should be tender)

Potatoes – 3 boiled cut into pcs

Ginger – 1” pcs finally cut length wise

MDH Chat masala – 3 tea sp

Roasted jeera – 2 tea sp

Salt – ½ T.S

Red chilly powder – ½ T.S

Black Salt – ½ T.S

Mix all the masala

Blend thick curd with one glass milk and sugar (you can add water if needed)

You can also add one cup fresh cream

For Pakories


Urd dal grinded – ½ cup

Moong dal – ½ cup

Sodium bicarbonate – 1 pinch


Blend dal to a buttry soft pasta with the help of hing water add sodium bicarbonate.

Heat ghee fry light brown pakories

Sook Bhallas and pakories in hot water till soft help of both hands lightly.

Check all the things are ready

  • Soaked and squeegeed bhalla pakories
  • Papdies
  • Turmrid chutney
  • Curd
  • Potatoes ( mix in coriander chutney)
  • Channa ( mix in imli chutney)
  • Ginger 2” cut length wise ( fine)
  • Masalas

How to serve

Dip Bhallas, Pakories and Papri in curd set in plate.

Add some more curd

Two table spoon channas, sprinkle chutney masalas add

Potatoes, Garnish with serve and enjoy

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